Nightshade Plants as Spiritual Aides: In Theory & Practice

Nightshade Plants as Spiritual Aides: In Theory & Practice

This post has been long overdue as it is my hope to clear up any confusion, misunderstandings, and misnomers about how these plants as spiritual aides are supposed to work in any spiritual work/experience (astral travel, clairvoyance, etc.) My intention is to give you the most accurate picture of using these plants in the way I myself and others with experience, use and understand them.

Nightshade ointmentAlthough they can be utilized for other areas such as an analgesic, an aphrodisiac, or an anxiolytic, etc. I would say the majority of people that buy nightshade ointments or from me, buy them for aide in spiritual applications. So that will be the majority of focus here.

Some will surely disappoint themselves to put an expectation on these plants for which they are not totally responsible for. Some will lose the anxiolytic/analgesic effects if used repeatedly over and over again without a break in between as the more consecutive days it is used the more tolerance soars exponentially.

Some will be disappointed to expect a ‘high’ or ‘trip’ from these products when that was not really the mechanism to be used in bringing on the benefits in the astral realms. There are subtle psychoactive effects that help with various spiritual practices but the ointments will not make you trip. I use a fairly decent amount of plant matter in all my recipes and use techniques to draw the most out of them, but even still it is highly unlikely to make you hallucinate. They can make you more relaxed and calm, and can also be in some ways stimulating.

Some will expect to have the skills of an experienced shaman or spiritual adept from using  the ointments without any practice or experience navigating in the astral realms before this. It would be quite a nice reality if all that was true. But that’s just not the way these plants work. It will not carry the experience. They will however, aide in the skills you do possess and help you to reach some of those you are still practicing to reach. It is best to use them sparingly, or at least take a few days rest in between each time.Crazy Kieri Ointment

Although they have been used in hallucinogenic doses by experienced shaman, it usually won’t bring on a very useful experience unless you have considerable practice and understanding of the astral/spiritual realms and how to operate in them, especially while in a state like that. The shaman and spiritual adepts who used these plants in that context already had fairly exceptional skills in meditation, lucid dreaming, translating visionary experience, clairvoyance,  and so on. It was meant to aide the practitioner to better use the abilities they already had or reach the ones they were currently within reach of. Its not recommended that anyone use hallucinogenic doses unless you are highly experienced, and even then, would do so with extreme caution.

One thing I have learned in my experience with these plants is that you have to rid yourself of building up all these specific expectations and let the spirit realm open up to you. When the plant is pressed upon with demanding expectations, I’ve noticed it will just close the doors. This happens in times where you’re trying to command the plant to live up to your expectations of what you want to happen. From my experience this always results in a negative effect or an undesirable outcome. I have learned that she does not respond well to this and many times if there is a response to this it will be in a nasty way.

The ones that learn from this lesson will keep going, killing this pretext of expectation will serve you well. You will gain good insight and for that knowledge will push you further into the mysteries of this plant and its being. Those that don’t heed to this lesson will either walk away or keep applying the same approach with minimal results. But I hope you will move beyond this to persist and continue, because it is worthwhile.

Sacred Datura discolor

This is just one of many tests I have learned within the teachings of this plant.

Then there will be these surprise experiences when you get much more than you bargained for. She likes to remain unpredictable and uncontrollable- she likes to control the rules and not the other way around. She does not like to be confined or controlled. I’ve mentioned this nature about her in previous posts. It lies at the core of this plant’s personality. But I will elaborate more. This plant loves to put the character of the spiritual apprentice to the test and see what you’re made of, which also helps you to see what you’re made of. Do you catch on quickly and learn to adapt to new ways and paradigms or do you fall into the stagnancy of stubborn refusal and unwillingness to change?

Ever since I started working with this plant I’ve experienced many things, some good, some bad. But the drawbacks never stopped me from moving forward on the quest of knowledge and apprenticeship in this plant’s teachings. Because I was learning from the plant and not the plant learning from me, I had to get over all the expectations I had built in the initial stages. I hope you will do the same and pursue deeper into it’s lessons. Working with this plant requires a lot of work on you, and that’s not always a desirable place to be. But you really can’t expect to get far in life unless you start being honest with yourself and making the work more important than the comfort you tend to get accustomed to. This path is just one avenue of which there are many and may not be for everyone.

Tropane Alkaloids in Modern Medicine
A Gift of the Gods?

I would say its a path that a very small handful will truly be called to. Because not a whole lot of people care enough to search deeply into it. But I hope you will.

It is all about adaptability, change within much more than without. You are shaping reality and shifting the self to be more adaptable to align yourself to the world outside of you, since that is the world we are all forced to operate within at some cohesive level. First comes the change inside of you, and that is applied to the outside you exist in. What good is any work if it does not carry any practical applications for this world? Otherwise it would just be more like an escape.

Within all times and places there are core elements of being, some might call this timeless wisdom, something that remains true in all times, all places, and in all situations. Teachings or laws that operate in this physical/mental continuum and never change. They govern the laws of man indefinitely as we are always bound to them. And if we are not in line with those laws we will experience being weighed down by them. This is called Natural Law. There are many techniques and countless books written on it.

Spiritual tools or aides are never really any useful unless we use them to spark the motivation within us, towards a change internally and that practice is equally applied externally in the life we lead in physical reality, the world we use to grow in. Its kind of like the way an aphrodisiac is meant to fuel the condition or arousal within you to make all the necessary moves forward but not responsible to bring the experience in and of itself.

This is about learning how to get the subconscious mind to work in harmony with the conscious mind to affect change. Along the subconscious mind there is a connection to a vast ocean of other subconscious minds and energies that form a vast, infinite ocean of consciousness. This you could call the astral realm, the spirit world, etc. There is some degree of socializing in that world as you do in this one. It can be just as complex so take the necessary steps to learn about the ways of that reality. Read up on it. There are many techniques and countless books written on it.

Getting to know this landscape is not an easy thing to do unless there is sufficient practice and study involved. And I will point out that anyone who fails to do this- expecting to learn it all at once or in one night from working with this plant is basically expecting the impossible. Not a very fair expectation to place upon the plant to carry out all the work.

And too many people have trapped themselves into thinking the more alkaloids the better opportunities and deeper experience, but early on, I have found this to be false. There were times when I had even more outstanding results working with it in other capacities other than ingesting the alkaloids. I realized early on that the experience I gained was not necessarily from alkaloids as much as the occult energies within the plant’s being. This is a living energy, not simply a drug. Many people out there fall into this line of thinking and this will ensnare you.

Some might argue that perhaps they might have an easier time by taking a hallucinogenic dose, but that doesn’t necessarily leave you with any more of an advantage over being there every night when you sleep, and it is much more dangerous. Because of the nature of how a hallucinogenic dose of tropane alkaloids work on the brain, most people would not remember why they even took them to begin with. This is because when you are under its spell, the flow of acetylcholine is drastically reduced to the point where memories are barely being formed and in the short term you are operating at a much more basic capacity. This is why it has gained so much favor among criminals using it to take advantage of people. Once they are under the spell of such a large dose, they don’t have the line of reason or critical thinking that is present when acetylcholine is acting in its normal capacity. This leaves the person operating at a very minimal level, just as we are in the sleep process.

We have the ability to fly every night when we are in the dream state, but how many of you actually remember that you want to fly when you are in that dream?  You would if you could remember to, but you always forget that you want to and have very little control over yourself in the dream. Because you have to take time and learn the necessary steps to learn how to become self aware in this state in order to navigate and operate within it even at the most basic levels. This takes practice. There are many techniques and countless books written on it.

This would essentially be the same result if you were to take a hallucinogenic dose of nightshade alkaloids, given that you don’t overdose, most of you would forget what you came there to do. And upon awakening if you did not take note of the experience, you would many times forget most of the experience as time went on, just as you would have done if it was a dream. It works on memory in much the same way.

I point this out because a good number of people who want to experiment with this plant at hallucinogenic doses do not understand the difficulties that arise and come with using it in such a way. They don’t fully grasp the mechanism of how it acts on the brain and therefore do not see it in a realistic light. These are not like other hallucinogens such as mushrooms, LSD, or even DMT. They are much more complicated and troublesome to work with in that type of application. Its not advisable to try to work in such capacity, unless you have gotten to know the plant slowly over a time- such as a number of years. Working with this plant calls for a lot of patience and careful attention. There is simply no way to fast track it and expect beneficial results.

What I offer with my products is to begin to work with it in a lighter capacity where you can start to get to know the plant without all the dangers of its deeper teachings. It really comes down to setting a foundation and building from there, which goes for all areas of practice. You can’t expect to operate a highly advanced machine without starting on more basic forms of it.

But even with all that said, the ointments are still highly effective in the Nightshade ointmentvarious ways one can work with it. I find them exceptional in forming trance states and anything that requires a great deal of attention or care. They have an excellent way of allowing you to slip into that fluid state of mind we use in meditation, automatic writing, interpretation of abstract ideas or dreams, and amplifying intuition and inner being.

it isn’t t very fair or realistic to expect the plant to do all the work and expect the same as someone who has a good deal of practice and experience in that arena, or someone who has gotten to know the plant slowly over time. It just isn’t a very realistic outcome to arrive at because you cannot fast track these abilities. There is a give-and-take relationship with this plant spirit, not a take-and-take relationship. Forming this relationship means that the plant also gets to know and trust you. I find that like mother nature, she can be cruel in her teachings when the proper approach or attention is not given. And I don’t say any of this to be negative or to deter anyone from pursuing these sacred plants. I’m trying to give you honest, worthwhile, practical advice that I learned from many hours of research, contemplation, study, and devotion to. Something you can constructively use.  Working with these plants just takes time, dedication, patience, care, and honesty.

This is a plant of Saturn, which represents the harvest of life’s work coming into fruition, showing you the results of what you worked to create. You could call this karma, divine retribution, or what have you. It is a force in which comes to reap what you have sown, be it positive or negative. The mind is like the garden of our thinking patterns, in which action and circumstance is reflected in the fruits of our labor. Those that take the time to practice, and devote a careful study of, will see fruits that reflect that. Those that do not tend to this metaphorical garden with care, respect, or accommodations to the growing needs will see the fruits produce disease and rot.

Those that keep going, working to understand the essence of the plant and its teachings,  will be blessed with experiences and revelations that make any disappointing times worth it. When each secret is revealed it serves to remind one why they did the work to begin with. It makes it all worth while.

Datura metel

Those that expect the world and then some from this plant without doing much in the practice of your own work, don’t expect this plant to do a whole lot for you, lest you become heavily disappointed. I’m sorry to say this but I’m just being honest. As I said before, there is a give-and-take relationship with this plant. Working with this plant is not really about working with alkaloids. Its working with a living energy. Some will have tread tirelessly and still fail to grasp this core principle, but those that take the time and try, it will arrive and welcome you. Shamanism and spiritual practice is much about the give-and-take relationship we form with our Earth, a living being or conscious energy. And this paradigm is no different when working with this plant.

I don’t make these products for the sole purpose of making $. I do a lot better with other endeavors. And sometimes I feel this is more a hassle than its worth, but for now, I continue to do this for the few that want to take the time to study and learn about this sacred plant. Because working with these plants is almost a forgotten practice. Sure there are those that jump on-board for a short while as it occupies a passing phase or interest in their mind, but for a great many it will always remain just that – a passing phase that comes and goes.

There will only be a handful of devotees that actively search to find the sacredness of what these plants hold. Strengthened by the fact that in today’s world and society, there is not much that is sacred anymore, and what do I mean by sacred? I mean not too many will to take the time to learn the depths of such wonderful things.

It might be held in high regard just as long as they don’t have to make much of an effort to understand it. Once the plant spirit engages and tests them with fair amount of work, no longer will the plant be sacred enough to pursue. Not too many will take the time and study to work on their own spiritual development because let me repeat- it is WORK.  There will be a great many that demand all the benefits of the plant’s teachings without any time in practice or study towards it.

It is unfortunate because this is basically the foundation of all spiritual development. Learning patience, humility, overcoming adversity, gaining insight, changing one’s behaviors to move beyond the current level, and all the in between. Much of the mystical lore that draws most people into the Occult unfortunately does so for more of an escapist bent. All of our spiritual journeys were meant to in some way benefit our character, knowledge, or wisdom. But also benefit the world we live in. The world demands a give-and-take relationship and we are tested by it at every step. Herein lies the timeless wisdom present in every age- making true initiates few and far between.

It is for these principles that I keep the fruits of my work up for study and exploration. This is the give-and-take I have committed to. A sacrifice of tireless effort that does not always benefit me, and sometimes even creates more than I want to deal with. It is the relationship I have formed with this plant, who called me here years ago at a time when I wasn’t even looking for it. But nonetheless, it was a call I took with seriousness and responsibility. It goes beyond just me. It is this fire that shall keep burning, so the dedicated few keep rekindling the dying flames of wisdom for all time to come, going to great lengths to keep it from extinguishing forever…

There are many techniques and countless books written on it.


Forbidden Fruits & Primitive Pleasures: The Powerful Aphrodisiac Qualities of the Nightshade Family

Forbidden Fruits & Primitive Pleasures:

The Powerful Aphrodisiac Qualities of the Nightshade Family
Aphrodisiac qualities of Datura innoxia
Opening of Datura innoxia Flower

The mysterious & alluring nightshade plants have been interacting with our species for thousands of years. From the earliest records of human history we find their alliance with man. In all times and in every corner of the Earth we find that man has used the plant in some capacity for so many diverse reasons. Whether in herbal medicine, shamanism, in nefarious or benevolent application, we see this plant surface again and again.

One of the less explored applications of this plant is in the realm of aphrodisiacs and romantic endeavors. The aphrodisiac qualities of the nightshade family are described as deeply erotic, passionate energies. It allows one to dial in to the core of this erotic, sensual energy. With that said, do not rely on an aphrodisiac to bring on the experience on its own. The aphrodisiac is not supposed to hold up the experience, but to aid your primitive sexual energies into engagement so that you create this rich experience.

An aphrodisiac is an external component to enhance the internal force of our sexual nature and sensual passion involving its activities. It is this force of energy, latent within us by nature, pushing us to unify with another person, generally being of the opposite sex, but of course this not a hard-fast rule and can be equally applied to 2 of the same sex. An aphrodisiac will act on one of our five senses in such a way as to electrify our sexual desires. Usually, this is done to enhance for the male- the core aspects of the female, or enhance for the female- the core aspects of the male.

love: a latent drive for Complete Being

Aphrodisiac qualities of the nightshade plants

It is generally these two energies, the active masculine principle with the passive feminine principle, unite to form a complete whole. And It can be equally applied to any combinations of just one of these principles. But at a basic level, it is this coming together of forms that brings us closer to our divine origins. This as well being part of the mechanism responsible to bring a new life into the world- ensuring survival for our species. In the act of union, we feel the presence of complete being, The height of this process brings us to a state of bliss at the doors of Nirvana, where we are transported into the dimension of timeless being, even if for only a few moments.

From my studies and research of ancient texts and esoteric principles of various cultures or religions, I believe that before we incarnate in a physical existence we are in a more complete form, more connected to the ocean of oneness we share at our source. We have dual aspects of male (active) and female (passive) principle in one form. When we take form in the physical body, we are forced to lose one half of our complete form in order to assume this existence. We still have some degree of the other principle but it is lacking compared to the non-physical realm. However, I wouldn’t say that this male-female principle is a hard-fast rule as there are also cases where this does not apply in that combination, and this is only a general analysis.

Perhaps this lacking became necessary for multiple reasons. It gave us the drive toward growth so that we use it to become more than what we are at the present. It also gives the species what it needs to continue on and survive. And lastly it gives us a glimpse into the interconnected nature and oneness between us- our common origin and divine source.

Sexual energy can be approached for different needs and different purposes, But even just for its own sake- the pursuit of eroticism and sexual pleasure can at the very least enhance our appreciation and enjoyment of the limited time we have in this life. We find meaning, passion, and depth through a deep experience with another person, in the pursuit of energies that fill us with vitality and appreciation for life.

Aphrodisiacs: feeding A primitive desire

aphrodisiacs and the fire withinThe use of aphrodisiacs, while not meant to bring on the experience alone, works as a tool to enhance our physical and emotional senses, antagonize our sexual passions, and push us as deep into the experience as we can get. Since we use the physical body as the source of our senses, aphrodisiacs become the external element that aide us into the journey up to that climatic peak. To drive our sense of sexual need and desire over the edge  and into that timeless state of fulfillment.

Of all the different things that come to mind when the average person thinks of an aphrodisiac, very few today understand about the aphrodisiac qualities in the nightshade plants and their rich history. These ancient plants have been used in the pursuit of love and romantic endeavors for hundreds of years at every corner of the globe. They can be used in different ways to act on different senses, making the aphrodisiac qualities far-reaching.

Many times the nightshade family can be used in combination with other known aphrodisiacs like marijuana or hashish, opium, wine, and other substances. In Asia, they took what was known as Oriental Joy Pills, a blend of opium, hemp products, datura seeds, and spices. “The combinations yield effective psychoactive aphrodisiacs that activate the nervous system in several places simultaneously (Ratsch 2003).  Other popular combinations have used nightshade herbs macerated in alcohol as an aphrodisiac drink. Others prefer to smoke nightshade plants with marijuana or hashish, where the two work in synergy producing heavy arousal.

The plants can be used like a drug or substance for effects on the mind and physical body. In this context it is not necessary to take them in large or even semi-large doses. It doesn’t make it more effective and too big a dose will work against the desired result. I probably don’t have to point out that a hallucinogenic dose would kill the experience, and good luck making up for that with a new partner!

Aphrodisiac scent of Angel's Trumpet
Angel’s Trumpet flower

Another way it can be used as an aphrodisiac is as a fragrance, a seductive scent from the blooming flowers of the Angel’s Trumpet or Datura. The scent of these two are exceptional and pleasant. They have been used as a base in perfumes and if you look around I’m sure you could find one. I can’t overstate how pleasant and alluring the scent of Datura and Angel’s Trumpet are on the senses. It makes a superior scent for perfume and a woman wearing the scent of angel’s trumpet or datura would have my undivided attention with no trouble.

“The flowers and leaves [of Brugmansia suaveolens] are also commonly used as aphrodisiacs, and indeed, just the smell of the plant may bring on potent aphrodisiac effects.”

“In Colombia, it is said that the mere scent of Brugmansia suaveolens [Angel’s Trumpet] brings deep sleep and intensely erotic dreams.”

Aphrodisiac qualities of Datura
Seedpod of Datura stramonium var. inermis

Another capacity the nightshade plants can be used is in the form of a charm or talisman. This means that you might use it in the same way you would carry something sentimental or ‘lucky’ object to bring the associated qualities with it. It is said that a plant will reveal its uses through its essential qualities, colors, physical appearances, etc. which will take the appearance of what part of the human body or purpose it is associated with and works on. For example, the datura seedpod looks very much like the male sexual organ, symbolic of the phallus. While the angel’s trumpet and Datura innoxia flower resemble the female parts, symbolic of the yoni or vulva. Charms work by the law of association, to bring likened energies into being for associated purposes.

In the Old Testament of the Judaeo-Christian pantheon, there is an example of this in Genesis Chapter 30 where Rachel asks Leah for her son’s mandrakes. As she has numerous difficulties bearing a child it would make sense that in this context, it seems to implicate the mandrake root being used as a fertility charm to bring forth children. It is also possible that it was taken as an aphrodisiac drug for this purpose. But seeing how there were recurring problems with fertility, I would think the former seems to be more plausible.

Aphrodisiac qualities of Mandrake
young Mandrake plant

Of all the nightshade plants out there, none may be more recognized and associated with love and sexual endeavors than the mandrake, Mandragora officianarum. Mandrake is a native of the Mediterranean. While the plant is not as striking in appearance as her siblings, none has been more associated with romance. Mandrake has long been associated with Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. In fact they referred to the fruits of mandrake as “the Golden Apples of Aphrodite”

“Some evidence exists that the mandrake was used in secret mystical rites in ancient Israel; one of the factors supporting this hypothesis is the significance of the mandrake in Kabbalism as a symbol for “becoming one.” Similarly, in ancient Egypt it appears that mandrake fruits may have been eaten as aphrodisiacs.  The ancient Greeks also used the mandrake as a sacred love plant. Records left by the botanist Theophrastus indicate that there was an elaborate ritual even for its collection, enacted under the auspices of the love goddess Aphrodite.  Elephants have even been observed eating mandrake directly before copulation (Ratsch 1998. 348-349).”

aphrodisiac qualities of Solandra and Crazy Kieri
Solandra grandiflora

Solandra grandiflora is widely used in Mexico, as an aphrodisiac and love potion. Traditional folk wisdom believes that by giving a man a decoction made from the flowers and roots of the Cup of Gold (Solandra), he will be driven to the lady that is most loved in his heart. The love potion will increase his sex drive, bringing out his animalistic nature, and they even warn that this potion can create excessive sex drive and cause a man to die by completely ‘drying’ him out (Ratsch 1998, 475).”

Aphrodisiac qualities of Datura metel
Datura metel

“In Varanasi, Shiva’s sacred city, Datura metel fruits and rose flowers are made into sacrificial ceremonial garlands for the lord of inebriation and sold to pilgrims, then left as offering at the entryways to his temples. These Datura chains are devoutly placed around the lingam, the deity’s phallic-shaped image, as fresh flowers are tossed over the top of it (Ratsch 1998, 204).”

These plants take various forms around the world but with similar constituents. The plants contain tropane alkaloidsatropine, scopolamine, and hyoscyamine, with many secondary alkaloids similar to those three, in different ratios and variations thereof.

Aphrodisiac Nightshade Spirit

There also lies within the plant a unique spirit or personality. Described as an intense, seductive quality that gives the plant its pronounced feminine spirit. It’s been said by different cultures, throughout different times, that these plants have a spirit or essence, a seducing feminine quality with an overbearing power to it. Shamanism understands all things to be embedded with a consciousness, an essence or spirit. So while you might hear the plant referred to as ‘she’ it is only symbolic to represent the passive qualities of the feminine force inherent in the plant’s being.

Aphrodisiac Flying OintmentThe seductive, alluring, and mysterious qualities of plants like belladonna, datura, angel’s trumpet, and other siblings, make it a highly enjoyable and effective aphrodisiac to work with. The most effective way to use it as an aphrodisiac is in the form of an ointment that can be applied to the body, directly to the sexual organs, or both. I sell and an original variety of different nightshade ointments, all of which can be used as aphrodisiacs.  (see Crazy Kieri, Flying Oil #5)

“During the course of human history, numerous ointments have been developed for medicinal, cosmetic, erotic, and aphrodisiac purposes. The most famous of these are the flying ointments and witches’ ointments, which appear to have been psychoactive lubricants with aphrodisiac effects. (Ratsch 485)”

Crazy Kieri OintmentThe psychoactive side of it will be subtle but very pronounced and interactive. There will be a slight sedative or calming effect. Paradoxically, there may present a strong stimulating quality at the same time.

“Henbane oil can be made by boiling the leaves of the plant in oil. This can then be used for therapeutic or erotic massage purposes (Ratsch 1998, 279).”

Along with these two aspects there is a third more hidden component that lies at the core of the essence and personality of these plants. Hard to pinpoint with words, but I would say somewhere in the realm of its seductive lore, an overbearing intensity and aura of mystery that seems to follow in the wake of every activity this plant gets involved with.

Mystery is a highly seductive force. It fills the mind with need and desire to know. It gives you just enough information to work with and then leaves you wishing to know more. A need to know all those answers you don’t have. It leaves you in a state of depletion that desires to absorb that which is missing. A craving you can appreciate only when you know there is a chance to fill that depletion.

Aphrodisiac qualities of Datura

For example, Let’s say there is someone you have a crush on, someone you may not know exceptionally well. But there exists a strong attraction for that person and yet you really don’t know a whole lot about them. Sometimes we are more pulled in by this person, not by what we know about them, but rather by what we don’t know about them. That attraction is fed by this mystery and wonder the imagination generates to fill in the blanks. So in effect, what you have is a small attraction based on appearance and the few things you do know being magnified to a large degree by an aura of mystery leading your imagination to fantasize and daydream about those unknowns. This leaves the mind unfulfilled and yearning to know.  It engages the mind into pursuit; a state where feeding the mystery creates this magnetic seduction in need of fulfillment.

It is this character that lies within the occult or hidden aspects of the nightshade family. It seduces the mind inward and generates our biggest aphrodisiac of all- the imagination. It is this context of the plant’s essence that works in synergy with sexual energy. You put these elements in motion with a sedating physical relaxation and stimulating sexual desire. This brings out the aphrodisiac quality of sexual potential and when used in the pursuit of love or romantic endeavors can have lasting results and some really worthwhile memories. 😉






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Flying with the Witches: The Flying Ointment and Astral Travel

Flying with the Witches:

The Witches’ Flying Ointment and Astral Travel

flying ointment
“Flight of the Witch” from an early woodcutting

Unknown by most, the witch flying on her broomstick was a symbolic representation of the flying ointment, using the nightshade plants for the purpose of astral travel. The astral realm is sometimes considered the dream world. The world of spirits. The other side. We visit the astral realm every night when we enter the dreamscape. The witch would use plants such as belladonna, henbane, and mandrake turned into a paste that would be applied to the skin. These alkaloids, absorbed through the skin, would begin to take hold and break down the barriers between the physical and spirit realms. This would become an important tool and technology for accessing the astral landscape of the Underworld.  So let the work begin…

Many different combinations and ingredients have been used in the recipes of flying ointment throughout history. Much of what we know of the this practice seems to be out of European shamanism and traditional witchcraft. And although we find most of the history of the ointment based in Europe, it has also surfaced in Latin American shamanism and Mexican Brujeria. I tend to think this may have been universal in shamanic practice. So much of ancient shamanism and traditional medicine recognize the immense value of these plants. They cover a vast landscape of application.

flying ointment and its' many ingredientsIf you want a historical look through the study of rare manuscripts and historical fact on the flying ointment, The Witches’ Ointment: The Secret History of Psychedelic Magic, by Thomas Hatsis, has detailed some of the history. This is purely an academic look at what survives of manuscripts, documents, and things of that nature. You will not get a look into how it is made or used. You will not get any insight on astral travel or the philosophy of the poison path. It is rather dull in my opinion. But nonetheless it is still a piece of understanding its history, from a time when it was demonized as a tool of evil and black magic. You may not get much from it but you will get something. Many times I have read long and boringly bland books that gave me maybe one good piece of information, but knowledge still worth knowing, so you have the idea. It all adds to the bigger picture

The recipes of the flying ointment are many but for the most part we work with the tropane-based nightshade family. We find various combinations of nightshade plants like Mandrake, Henbane, Belladonna, and Datura. And sometimes, we find other psychoactive and poisonous additions like Hemlock, Opium, Ergot, and toad poisons. Other areas of my research have also shown combinations using foxglove, and the highly toxic Aconitum napellus, or Monkshood. This is the land of Veneficium, the branch we call the Poison Path.

41oru8uqmml-_sl500_sr99160_Speaking of which, If you want something more insightful and satisfying from an occult perspective of the Poison Path, Veneficium by Daniel A. Schulke, is a worthy study of work. This is much more in tune with learning the philosophy and alchemy of the Poison Path. I could read this over and over and I go back to read it quite frequently, because sometimes the mind needs to keep telling itself the same thing over and over. Because that’s when the brain really starts to absorb, not simply by reading, but by study. Repetition. This is a theme that will continue to resonate if you want to consider stepping into any occult school of thought. This is a life work. An elevation of consciousness. A conscious effort to change. And repetition is the method to changing. Rewiring and forming a pact with your base desires to get in line and heed to the call of higher order.

to the Latin and South American shaman, The flying ointment is known by many different names but the procedure is pretty much the same. Although many of them have used it by ingesting tea along with other ingredients. Brugmansia and Datura are more the staple in these areas whereas belladonna, henbane, and mandrake are more common in the European traditions.

51stiotqd5l-_sy346_Two books I absolutely recommend on Mexican and Latin American traditions of brujeria and shamanism using the ointments are works by James Endredy, one called The Flying Witches of Veracruz and another called Lightning in My Blood. These books were very interesting. If you like Carlos Castaneda you will enjoy these. Apparently he had studied under a powerful curendero and curenderas (healers) that taught him to use the paste of Datura stramonium and Datura ceratocaula to achieve astral flight. Now I cannot say for certain whether this is an entirely real account. The same speculation was abound towards Castaneda. But like I said there is still a treasure trove of insight and I am sure he is telling of real traditions in that area. So at the very least, you can learn that this practice of applying the flying ointment is much more widespread among the path of shamanism. Every book has something to tell. Something to show and add to your knowledge base. And in this study you need all you can get.

As far as the experience itself and using flying ointment. What can we expect and just how far can we take this? What price would be the end result? In terms of the flying ointment used for astral travel, the point is not necessarily to bring on a hallucinogenic experience. This is more subtle. This is about removing the barriers between us and the spirit world. I still experiment with higher and higher doses of alkaloids. I have no choice but to play the role of guinea pig to acquire the lessons of how to get the dosage correct. She seems to bind well with me at this pace.

The only time I reach considerable doses where delirium starts to manifest is by consuming the seeds of Datura or the berries of belladonna. But know that this is highly not recommended and you do so at your own risk. And I have always gone up by degrees and not big leaps. The risk there is self evident.

And there are quite a few physical drawbacks when it comes to ingesting plant material. For one, it will shut down your digestive system and it will take time to return to its normal state. What I mean is you can eat or drink something and it will sit in your stomach and you will feel full. So fasting goes a long way in that respect. the other drawback is the stiffness and restlessness you get from some of the alkaloids, and I believe that is largely the effect of atropine, although I may not be correct on that. There is a feeling like you could punch through ten steel walls. Maybe a good idea before a fight, but not before bed. It severely affects your ability to sleep. This comes on even before hallucinogenic doses.

My rendition of the Sweet Seductress
My rendition of the Sweet Seductress

I have concluded that the best way to work with her directly on that front is transdermal. But getting the correct dosage is a process. At this time I am experimenting with a few different methods of extraction. It takes time. And repetition. You are building a relationship with her spirit. You cannot know her secrets all at once or in a short time period. She has to trust you and you have to be patient. Otherwise you will feel her wrath. And hard lessons don’t come cheap with the Nightshade Spirit.

I use my very own nightshade flying ointments (see below) in sessions of deep relaxation, meditation, automatic writing, making music, visual art, and pretty much anything that has to do with tapping into the creative side or the spirit world. And the two are very much related. I find that my ability to concentrate, whether I am writing music or creating art, is magnified and I am extremely focused. I have gotten a lot of productive work done while using it. I would say however that you should not rely on it to get into this state, but only somewhat frequently when the mind needs that extra push.

If we are to enter the void, the land of infinite ether, the Great Unknown. There is only one true enemy: Your Fears. And a large part of the initiation process of higher learning in the occultism of self development requires the practitioner to battle his or her fears. This is the Atropos that cuts the cord of life. The cold hands of antithesis that fills your heart with black emptiness. So just remember, The only one who is preventing you from flying free is yourself…

Mydriasis -


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Zombie Parties and Phantom Cigarettes

Zombie Parties and Phantom Cigarettes

Strange Phenomena in the Realms of the Unexplained
Tropane alkaloids and Phantom Cigarettes
The Nightshade Family: A gateway to other dimensions?

The psychoactive realm of the Nightshade family truly stands in a league of its own. There is nothing more powerful than tropane alkaloids when it comes to inducing vivid hallucinations. The hallucinogenic experience under the influence of these compounds are described as extremely real. Sometimes they can be crazy trips where the person is overloaded with frightening imagery (mainly when misused and abused; not respected). Other times it can take a much lighter note with the user having imaginary get-togethers with old friends and strangers, sharing many laughs, deep conversations, and phantom cigarettes. There is no telling which direction it will go if you are to just start consuming it like this. The type and range of interaction in these realms is exceptionally various.

But here’s where it gets tricky. The hallucinations can be a 360 degree change of scenery, or even just partial change of scenery blending into the scenery we are really in. People show up and look just as real as anyone who is physically there with them. You lose the ability to distinguish the real from the unreal in this realm.  She can be quite cunning in this respect

There is also some very strange phenomena that seem to happen when under the spell of tropanes. Among some of the most common themes that seem to repeat themselves are:

  • Phantom Cigarettes:

The smoking of imaginary cigarettes that many times seem to fall out of their hands on the floor leaving the user to look frantically around for the burning cigarette only to realize later that they were never actually smoking one!

  • Imaginary parties and get-togethers:

Seeing old friends and people they haven’t seen in a really long time. Spending hours together laughing, drinking, smoking, socializing, only to find out later that no one was ever at the house and the people from the experience were nowhere near the vicinity at the time.

  • Interaction with the deceased:

Reports of dead friends, relatives, and pets interacting within the experience, sometimes bringing closure, and sometimes leaving a disturbing memory to haunt them from there on out.

  • Functioning in the same hallucination as other users with them and telepathic communication

reports of users functioning within the same framework of hallucination passing cigarettes to each other, seeing the same imaginary people involved in the same conversations. At times there have even been reports of users being able to hear each others’ calls between a far distance or without verbal communication.

Many users had no knowledge of the common phenomena among others’ experiences before the experience. The ways a hallucination can interact on such similar terms and on multiple users at once within the same hallucination calls many things about the framework of reality and our understanding of the hallucinatory experience into question. Most users leave Lady Nightshade’s arena with a vivid memory of something extremely powerful and “not of this world”.

Nightmarish scenery and phantom cigarettes
Some of the darker landscapes of a Nightshade deliriant

First time users greatly underestimate the power and potential of these powerful compounds. Keeping themselves under wraps in a public setting or at home around family members becomes almost impossible. Most of these reports end up in hospitalization because of the user’s bizarre behavior. Family members are  freaked out by the delirium of their teenager, unaware that they have consumed something of this magnitude. Essentially, they are living in a dimension of their own (or perhaps a very real dimension we cannot see from this one- like the dreamscape while physically awake) all the while ignorant of the dimension of real world reality. A few cases end up with police involvement and come out facing charges.  This is greatly due to the fact that They had no idea how out of touch with this dimension they would become while on that much of the drug, so when confronted by police or medical staff users have been known to be aggressive and sometimes violent.

But again please keep in mind that this is the result of abusing a powerful plant. This is the result of not respecting a powerful force and for that you really can’t put all the blame on the plant here because she is so much more than what the negative results of irresponsible minds do with her… I mean lets face it kids like to get in trouble.

So lets take a look at some of the reports of recreational use and government research. We will see a very strange but very common phenomena experienced in Lady Nightshade’s court:

 Zombie Parties and Friends from Way Back

Reoccurring in many of these trips is the sudden appearance of company that appear into one’s trip. Friends they ‘haven’t seen in a really long time’ and strangers alike magically appear and walk into the house. The user is oftentimes happy to join in and mingle with his guests:

“I looked at the foot of my bed and my two best friends were standing there. I started laughing hysterically at the fact that they would stop by and wake me up at such a late time. I preceded to have a little party in my room with them. They came up and sat on either side of me and we had a great time passing joints and smoking cigarettes. I paused the little shindig and went to the bathroom. I used the bathroom and while washing my hands I looked into the mirror and my face contorted into an impossible shape and I shook myself off and splashed some water on my face, still none the wiser to what was happening. I walked back to my room where at my door my mother was standing. I greeted her and informed her that my friends had stopped by for a late night visit. She gave me the weirdest look I think she has ever given me. I re-entered my room and my friends were nowhere to be found.”Late Night Parties and Everlasting Cigarettes

You can imagine the feeling of fully accepting the fact that you have just held on to a vivid hallucination as though it was fully functioning reality. This where the effect of the drug can play the trickster.

“So began a series of hallucinations. In the house’s second bathroom, I saw Jenny standing next to me, looking at me. I turned to her and resolved to muster a reassuring smile but when I turned I realized that what I had been looking at was my own reflection in the mirror. I was very alarmed and thought “this is madness,” but my reflection was wearing the placid smile I had put on for Jenny and my calm expression was somewhat reassuring.

From that point on I was very messed up and was moving around, bumping into things, hallucinating and tormented by mental confusion. I had minimal short term memory and at one point noticed that I had left the bathroom sink running full tilt for an unknown length of time. Colors and sounds were amplified. There were times when there were lots of people in the room, having a party. When I tried to talk, they’d stop and listen, realize I was incomprehensible and then ignore me and continue their conversations.” – This is Madness

Jimsonweed and Phantom Cigarettes
Jimsonweed: phantom party drug?

” Just then there was a knock at the door, it was my girlfriend wondering where i was, she had brought three friends with her, all people I had went to school with in earlier years and had moved away, this did not seem odd to me at the time. I invited them in and we started talking about something. I can’t remember exactly what, I reached in my pocked for a lighter light a cig my girl had given me, but when I looked up they were gone. I mean VANISHED.”Strongest Thing I’ve Ever Taken

Another says of his girlfriend who had drank tea made from belladonna foliage:

“I asked her about her ‘trip’ and she said that after we left all sorts of people she hadn’t seen in a long time showed up at our apartment, and there was a big party. She actually thought that both my friend and I had come back at some point during the night. She said she had a lot of fun.

We later contacted virtually everyone she saw (some were unreachable as she hadn’t been in contact with them for years) and none of them had come over, most of them were not within 200 miles from our apartment at the time. When she was at work that day she thought that I had come to visit her (she worked alone most of the day as a screen printer in a big shop) and that we talked all day long. She said her boss came in a few times and asked who she was talking to, and anytime he did, she explained that she couldn’t exactly remember. Only shortly after he left did I reappear and she did not at the time (both when it was happening, and again when she was explaining it to me) seem to understand how illogical this was.” –  The Manson Family Killed on this Plant

Some people seem to have glowing experiences in her kingdom for reasons that are vastly unclear:

“I remember walking around my dorm thinking that I was naked, and there were at least 10 people in every room. I didn’t know any of them, but I was able to talk to quite a few of them. They seemed to ignore my nudity, and I understood this to be a sign of friendship. In my room there were four people I’ve never seen before, my little brother, and a hallucinated version of my sober [sitter] friend (who was actually trying to help the other guy [likely in another dorm] tripping on the floor). We talked for what seemed like years, discussing many things from the Roman empire to how butterscotch was made.” –Entering Insanity

One thing is certain, She sure has a sense of humor about Her when She isn’t so sinister to those few folks who aren’t cut out for her realm..

In Chemical Warfare: Secrets Almost Forgotten, James S. Ketchum gives us an invaluable resource during his time as Colonel in the U.S. ARMY. at Edgewood Arsenal in the late 1960’s. These same themes were described  in trial runs given to ARMY volunteers during research into the effects and uses of incapacitating agents like synthetic atropine-derivative, 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate, also known as BZ: Smoking phantom cigarettes on BZ

“…With regards to persons in his vicinity, recognition may be accurate for individuals whom he has met prior to testing, such as the doctor or nurse; other people may erroneously be greeted as old friends from his outfit, or even relatives. At times, he may react to large objects possessing a vertical shape as if they were people. One subject tried to provoke a fight with a simulated gun mount; another said “Excuse me, Sir” to the water fountain when he accidentally brushed against it. In more extreme states of confusion, he may even initiate conversations with hallucinated individuals. He conducts these one-sided conversations in such a natural, unstudied manner that acting is out of the question…”

Phantom Cigarettes: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

The hands down most common phenomenon that users report is smoking phantom cigarettes. The user thinks they are completely real until it either vanishes into thin air or falls on the ground never to be found again. It will be some time before they realize that they had never been smoking one to begin with! It is quite comical because it usually occurs indoors in one’s home so they are tearing their room apart because they don’t want to burn the house down. She sure enjoys playing the role of trickster in scenes like this. It is also interesting to note that tobacco is also in the nightshade family

Tobacco and Phantom Cigarettes
Nicotiana tabacum

It really makes you scratch your head when trying to make sense of such things. Why this ‘phantom smoking’ would be such a commonality  reoccurring and not only that but disappearing to involve the user in this wild goose chase looking for it when it disappears!

“Again, like so many before, I found myself searching for dropped cigarettes… but they were burning through and sliding under the sheets. I could feel the burnt holes and heat coming off them, feel the cigarette roll away from me under the sheets. And then it hit me that I never lit a cigarette, but i sure needed one. Forget that I was just thrashing around like a wild man for imaginary cigarettes. it was time for the real thing. I actually smoked the same amount as I normally do (30 to 45 min apart). But I always felt like I had one in my hand. Many times my index, middle fingers and thumb would meet as I spaced off and that would induce a frantic cigarette hunt. It was mostly happening in my left hand which I don’t even smoke with. this is the aspect I am most curious about of all my experiences.” – I’m Eating at McDonalds

“Before I could give a second thought I found myself sitting on the ground of what seemed like the park and I was smoking cigarettes that just kept falling out of my hand or just float away. This little scenario kept repeating itself for most of my memory… …Finally, I woke up in my bed the next morning wondering how I got there and feeling like everything I had just witnessed was nothing more than a long vivid dream. I also realized I was smoking a cigarette and and that I dropped it on my blanket, but when I went to fetch it, it was nowhere to be found, no smoke no burns, nothing.” –The Living Dream

“I lay there for sometime just thinking and soaking everything in. For some odd reason I always had a cigarette in my hand that would never go out or need to be ashed…    …So my attention went from the mirror to my hand where a freshly lit cigarette sat waiting to be smoked. This made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I smoked and smoked and smoked and again the cigarette never burned down any.” –Late Night Parties and Everlasting Cigarettes

Another bunch decided to stock up before the event and roll a bunch of cigarettes for the experience. Little did they know…

“Four of us decided to do it together in an abandoned coca cola bottling factory we were squatting. We set up two mattresses on the ground, some rugs, and rolled a ton of cigarettes because we figured we would be too messed up to want to roll cigarettes… [Later during the trip]: …At some points we are all awake, talking, smoking cigarettes, and drinking beer together, passing them around to each other. Sometimes someone drops a cigarette or drink and its gone as soon as it hits the floor. We look around for it but it can’t be found…  The next day when we get up around 2 pm we all feel pretty sober. We realized that no one had come over, we hadn’t drank anything, and that all the cigarettes we had rolled were still there waiting.”Lucid Dreaming

“Next thing I know I whip out a cigarette that I distinctly remember leaving behind my ear. I begin a quest in search for a lighter. I continuously search over and over the same square feet of carpet in front of me for a lighter but I don’t find one. Magically I realize that my cigarette is already lit. ‘Duh!’ I think to myself, and begin smoking it. Moments later it falls on the floor and I start searching for it, but it’s gone. Wtf! WHAT THE FUCK? Take a wild guess what I do next? I reach behind the same ear and find another one; however this doesn’t strike me as slightest bit unusual. I just go on smoking it. Oh… of course- without a lighting it first.”Delerium in Perdition

It can also be further noted that not all the people that experienced the ‘phantom cigarettes’ phenomenon even smoked cigarettes:

“Around about this time, Cal took a draw of and passed me an invisible cigarette, of course I had read about this in other reports, finally it had kicked in! I had not mentioned the phantom cigarette phenomenon to Cal before, nor had he read about it, this is also surprising because he doesn’t smoke. The seeds weren’t fake. I told him he passed me nothingness & he said “No way, I must have dropped it”Not Quite What I Had Expected

This next exhibit is from a piece the news did warning of the dangers of jimsonweed. Below you can see these two being filmed at the police station. They are passing these ‘phantom cigarettes’ to each other flicking them. and it looks as real as a mime acting out his routine. However, they really are smoking in their minds. It is interesting to point out these two are functioning within the same hallucination. If the theory that hallucination is just taking place in the person’s mind, how do you explain two separate minds in the same hallucination? It makes me think about how physicists today talk about many dimensions that share the same space but at a different vibration. Have they tuned themselves to this vibration and opened up the ability to view and function within these other dimensions?

The phantom cigarettes were also confirmed again in James S. Ketchum’s  Chemical Warfare: Secrets Almost Forgotten, while administering BZ to the volunteers. He stated:

BZ and phantom cigarettes
3-quiniclidinyl benzilate, or BZ, an atropine derivative

“Hallucinations seem to dominate the field of awareness, and real objects and persons are generally ignored or ludicrously misinterpreted. Touch seems to become the most important sensory system. , and the hands are ceaselessly active, exploring clothing, bedding, walls, floor and crevices of the environment. Smoking and drinking of phantom cigarettes and beverages are very common.”

 In one chapter he describes play-by-play each hour of one volunteer’s experience under BZ:

18:35 –  Nurse asked the aid man how to spell ‘convenienced’ and subject responded “CONVENIENCESHIT!” Smoking imaginary cigarettes. Sitting cross-legged on floor.Picking at ARMY blanket. “Let us spray” (sic)

20:15 –  Once again stated that his hands and feet were very red. Stated that he had eggs for breakfast, and talked of his field jacket. “It isn’t mine and don’t push me brother! Smoking an imaginary cigarette.

40:55 –  Stepping very cautiously about room. Dropping pillowcase over back and round shoulders. Appears to be putting on pack. “Go ahead take it (Blood pressure) while I play with the kittens. Nice kitty.” Fed ice cream. “Gordan will build them if anybody will.” “This country better hurry up or we’ll be in another depression.” “When in doubt, blow it out.” Standing at window smoking imaginary cigarette.

47:30 – Lays down with much insistence to vital signs. It is very difficult to get the subject to do anything at this point. “I’m not sorry I’m married to you I’m really not.” “Here comes Caroline.” Smokes imaginary cigarettes. Talks to imaginary people. While standing, looking at the wall, grabbed nurse’s cap while she was sitting on stool. Twisted stethoscope around her neck. “Oh, I thought you were a truck driver.” walked over to window. “I hope they don’t have this damn door locked.” “Hey a pack of cigarettes, if you can read Mexican.”

You can’t buy comedy like this in the real world. But it certainly leaves one with more questions than answers. Does the drug activate something in our mind that deals with habitual daily activities thereby creating these imaginary ‘phantom cigarettes’? And Then how do we explain the whole aspect of the cigarette’s cat-and-mouse game with the user. Is this the spirit and antics of Lady Nightshade playing pranks on these users for kicks?

Conversing with the dead: Closure and Chaos in a Strange Land

Spirit Communication and Phantom Cigarettes
Communion with the dead in the Nightshade Realms

One of the less common re-occurrences but highly worthy of study is the appearance of deceased friends and relatives. There have been reports describing closure after seeing late friends, surrounded by their energy and later coming to understand that they still existed, just in a different form. Perhaps death is not the end of existence:

“I also continuously heard voices calling to me, usually calling my name, and I know that I experienced them during my first ‘trip’. However, this time around there was a much more personal connection; about the half the time that I heard my name being called it was the voice of my dear friend Jul, who died this past winter. Every time I heard it I knew it was him, and I could feel his presence all around me. This reminds me, I also heard my aunt’s voice during my first experience; she died a couple of years before, and was my closest relative outside of my nuclear family (in emotional terms). Before either of my trips I read many reports because i am highly interested in the specific effects of every plant or chemical I try, and because it is necessary to my survival. I am now convinced that when this Nightshade doesn’t kill you, it offers access to the land of the dead. I must stress this is not an experience that everyone is ready for, or even meant to have…

…I have grown from both of these experiences [belladonna]; especially the latter, as I was shown that my friend is happy where he is. I am an atheist, but I believe that our bodies are energy, and with death that energy must move somewhere. I was shown that he is living everywhere, but that he was very much living in me, especially due to the energy I put into my love for him. I had a dream in the days afterwards, in which I was chasing my friend. I got to a point where I was so close to catching him, and a man stopped me; he held me by the shoulder and only shook his head slightly. But I could tell just by looking in his eyes that I wasn’t meant to go forward. I was filled with a sense of understanding and happiness, and it was like a weight was being lifted from me.” The Land of the Dead

Other times, however, the experience with the deceased was not so pleasant and brought more trauma than closure:

“I appear in my old house in Tampa and my friend that died like 2 years ago is there and I’m a ghost and we take for a while and he is real mad at me and said I killed him but I didn’t and he casts me to hell. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS BAD. I’m in a room where the corners of the room are flashing bright red and every time they flash it hurts a lot. And I cover my eyes but nothing I can do stops the light and I can see it in the same spot no matter what I do and my friend’s parents are there yelling at me and crying saying that I killed their son and hitting me with those glow wands from Demolition Man.” –World of Pain

“After this I found myself at my friend Jessie’s old house where she moved away from some time ago, yet there she was along with her grandfather who had passed away about a year ago. I remember that he spoke in the most horrifying, miserable voice and I couldn’t bear to hear it.”The Living Dream

Our deceased pets even tend to show up in some reports:

“A dog ran out in front of me, it was my old dog, which had long since passed away. For some reason I thought this was real, it seemed so real. My head was full of static noise as I followed my dead dog down to the park where I had originally taken the deadly nightshade into my eye. As I walked my legs would fall out from under me causing me to go crashing into the road, but my dog would always wait for me.”Screaming Voices

“I reached over to pet my dog, which is strange considering my dog died when I was twelve.”Strongest Thing I’ve Ever taken

A Change of scenery and telepathy

Some of the reports will involve being in a completely different landscape than the one they were physically functioning in. These are tactile hallucinations (with emphasis on touch and feeling). You could physically be in your living room but experience yourself at say, a beach:

“I swear I remember [in the trip] when I was at the beach and I really felt like I was there. No messin’ around I’m serious. What I’m sayin’ seems to be hard to believe but I was actually trippin’ that hard… ….I kept getting memory lapses and thinking I was at the beach again. I actually remember stepping on the sand and feeling the sand.”Not Doin This Shit Again

tropane alkaloids and phantom cigarettes
Acetylcholine the neurotransmitter broken down during ingestion of tropane alkaloids

[user is at hospital psyche ward] …From this point onwards, things get real fucking weird. I get up off my bed and search through all my drawers on my study desk in my room at home in search for my glasses. No luck. So I turn around and rummage through through my bedside table. I can’t find them anywhere. All of a sudden I realize that I am actually standing in front of the wall in the hospital ward.”Delerium in Perdition

Later on this same user, along with two of his buddies also admitted to the psyche ward, are separated from each other in different wards. They each experience the same hallucinations and one of the buddies hears his friend yelling from his solitary confinement, even though they are in separate wards and too distant to hear him:

“I think that I have done some seriously bad crime (eaten the bad fruit) and this was my punishment: solitary confinement for the rest of my existence, which to me at the time- meant eternity. Those thoughts made me angry, so I yelled for a while until I felt tired, and eventually settle into bed…  …I lay down and stare at the clock on the other side of the room. It says 4:30… …I take a step back and look at the clock on the wall. But it’s not there anymore… …Next delusion- my hospital band strapped around my wrist becomes a Falls Festival wrist band (a yearly 3 day music festival that everyone in Tasmania goes to)… …[after released] I rendezvous with the other fools from my share house. They all look exhausted, and majorly fucked. Funny thing was, all three of us shared some same hallucinations, even though we were put in different wards, and I was confined in a solitary room. C, B, and myself, all imagined the wristband was a Falls Festival band, and also saw that same white clock on the wall that said 4:30. Quite scary actually. C also mentioned that he receives messages telekinetically, and heard me yell out to him and his friend B, even though there was no possible way of him being able to hear me from that afar. Strange. Strange.” –Delerium in Perdition

Mirror Realities: The Taste of Fear

My personal feeling on the difference of experience is found within the person. The kind of personality and character you have will more or less reflect your embracing or fearing life. Those of us who do not face our fears, work through our mental and emotional baggage, will be face to face with them in these realms. And as they manifest in similar ways within our dreams as nightmares, perhaps those same manifestations of fear and negative clutter will also be true in this landscape.

The first account user seems to have a much more accepting and embracing view on life than the second. I would say the second has a lot of hidden emotion and it is making itself known in his experience with these plants. This is not set in stone however, because even though we think we have worked through many of our fears, there is still much below the surface. But I would venture to say that it would be more likely to work in your favor than not.

Another thing to consider when we are using an entheogen is, what are we taking it for? When we use any substance for a spiritual purpose, it’s important to understand that the experience alone is not going to bring us enlightenment or answers. A substance is only a means to carry out works, meaning we have to do the work ourselves, the plant is only a channel to work through, and certainly not the only channel.

Nightmare landscapes, phantom cigarettes, and tropane alkaloids
The Nightshade Realms: The landscape reflecting our subconscious fears as nightmares?

But looking at how similar these reports are and what they mean challenges many things about our understanding of the reality of other worlds. But at least now physicist have been recognizing this possibility of a multidimensional universe. I believe that we are essentially crossing frequencies. Using a plant like datura or belladonna acts as a key or gateway for inter-dimensional travel. You are open to its rate of vibration and yet you are still within the physical realm you operate from originally. When we die, it would make sense that our consciousness changes it’s rate of vibration as we are removed from the body we used. So it might be safe to assume that should we fail to work through that mental and emotional baggage from our time here, we will be face to face with them when we die. This would be a close description to the Hell of various religious mythology.

This is why I believe it is extremely important to use our time in this life wisely and work through whatever challenges and fears we face here. Stop running from your problems. They will catch up to you. Perhaps Lady Nightshade is only reflecting that side of us we hide from ourselves. Those inner fears that we spend our whole lives running from. It certainly makes you wonder…



All trip reports courtesy of

Ketchum, James S. Chemical Warfare Secrets Almost Forgotten: A Personal Story of Medical Testing of Army Volunteers with Incapacitating Chemical Agents during the Cold War (1955-1975). Place of Publication Not Identified: James S. Ketchum, 2006. Print.

Sweet Nectar of Lady Nightshade: Psychoactive Honey

The Sweet Nectar of Lady Nightshade

The Role of Bees and Psychoactive Honey in Shamanism
bees making psychoactive honey
European honeybee

On the Ancient World of European shamanism in the areas of Britain, Ireland, and Gaul, Druids held the bee as a sacred link between the Great Mother and man. Psychoactive honey was one of the many gifts given to man by the bees. Mediating between the Great Mother and man were the many spirits of plant, fungi, animal, and insect alike. They would serve by channeling its wisdom through these many mediums and Agents of Divinity. This is why it was so important for man to keep a link and alliance to nature.  Plant spirits would transfer great benefits and insight through its medicinal and hallucinogenic properties. The Bees would provide numerous teachings to man throughout our history and while producing honey we developed further spiritual and medicinal applications to learn and benefit from.

Intuition, clairvoyance, and psychic abilities were at one time part of our natural abilities. As we cut ourselves off from nature over centuries these gifts became dormant and today are almost non-existent since they longer served our need for its practice in the current lifestyle we are in.

There are still remnants of a tradition still utilized today by man in both indigenous cultures and those who have made a conscious decision to return to our nativity and re-secure our alliance with nature.

One of our most important relationships in the natural world is with bees, and most notably, the honey bee. It is known that the Druids considered the Great Mother as Queen Bee. Her resulting priestesses were known as the Melissae.  Melissa, the common name today actually came from the Greek word melissa which translated to honey bee. mans interaction with bees and psychoactive honey

The bee was closely interwoven to the living arrangements of the Ancient World as they were the pollinators of flowers and crops. This is still the case today although largely unacknowledged by the current power structure. The Ancient World regarded honey (along with pollen as one of its precursors) as one of the many gifts of the Great Mother and thereby making bees and their work extremely respected and sacred.

Among some of the other sacred gifts of the Great Mother were the many entheogens and medicinal plants we acquire through the plant kingdom. In the Druidic traditions there was high reverence for the baneful herbs like henbane, belladonna, and other tropane-containing nightshades more common to that area of the world.

henbane in psychoactive honey

Keep in mind that the use of these plants back then had much wider scope of application than just as a hallucinogen. Before we had the more mechanical and technological advances of modern medicine, they had to find other means to carry out surgical procedures like bone setting and other procedures that required soporifics; what we would understand today as being ‘put under’ by powerful gases and compounds to induce a similar twilight sleep.

belladonna : ingredient in psychoactive honey

By the shamans of that time however, it was much probably more common to use plants like these in a way to aid and intensify their psychic abilities communicating with the spirit world along with prophecy and seeing. They had a much deeper understanding of how to measure, dose, and control its effects for spiritual matters. In other words, they took it for spiritual purposes and had a deep respect for the plant unlike irresponsible thrill-seekers do today. This is reflected by a Mexican curendera/witch in a passage from James Endredy’s The Flying Witches of Veracruz*:

“Flying with the datura spirit is quite different than normal states of consciousness. But I’ve been around it my whole life, and what I do know is that when most people take it, they remember nothing afterwards- even if its many days after. That’s mainly because they didn’t invoke the spirit with a clear purpose or have someone experienced guiding them. Mostly people foolishly try datura just to see what it feels like or because they’ve heard it is dangerous and want to experience with it as some kind of a kick or a thrill. But when witches use it, they invoke the spirit in special ways that have been handed down through countless generations, and they always invoke it in a sacred place and in the company of other experienced witches. This is what is called proper use of set and setting: why you are doing it, with whom, and where.”

So as I’ve presented some of the background behind it I have now given some of the basic tenants of:

  • A spiritual relationship of man and bees
  • the sacredness of pollen and honey
  • the sacredness and respect for henbane, belladonna, and others in the nightshade family
  • the reason hallucinogens were used by shamans
  • How different the effects of tropanes can act in regards to intent

We can now take a look into how it all ties together as a system and branch of shamanism:

There is a book out there by Simon Buxton called The Shamanic Way of the Bee** where he describes an initiation to a Path of Pollen and his teaching by an experienced bee shaman. I will point out that the authenticity of the account of his initiation has been seen as highly questionable and claimed by some to be concocted or ghost-written. What I will say is that while that could certainly be the case, It would be safe to conclude that at the very least the practices described within the book are based on real practices and probably more known in ancient times by the Druids. Perhaps he was only told about this over actually being initiated in such a fashion.  Much like the description in Castaneda’s books can be debated as his own account but are still most likely true accounts of the practices used in working with the Devil’s Weed by generations of shamans and brujos.

In Buxton’s book there is a chapter devoted to the bees creating psychoactive honey isolated on an island known as Potato Island (the nightshade family is also sometimes called the potato family since potato is a member of the Solanaceae). This island is inhabited by luscious growth of henbane and belladonna where massive beehives have been strategically placed by these shamans for the purpose of getting these bees to create psychoactive honey as a unique form of flying ointment and as ingestable honey that held both the Spirit of nightshade and bees.

In the account there is another reiteration of its practical and spiritual use by shamans and accurately put:

“The Bee Master knows that the flying ointment of our forbears was the jewel in the crown of ancient pharmacology. It was a poison to the layperson, but the spiritual tool sine qua non [absolute necessity] to the practitioner.”

There is further description of the history and almost certainly a description of the Druids’ use and practice of ingesting the psychoactive honey:

mead and psychoactive honey
mead: alcoholic honey

“Our forbears intentionally produced this psychoactive honey as a visionary tool for use in certain work. It is taken as honey, and in the form of ritual metheglin [spiced or medicated variety of alcoholic honey called mead]. In fact, the bees first led our ancestors to these sacred plants. having innocently ingested the delicious honey, those ancestors stepped into the other world and experienced ecstasy and communion with our spirit kin. After that, they followed the bees to the plants from which this honey was made, and the beginning of the lineage was initiated. The bees called certain men and women who then sought out and forged a relationship with the hive, wishing to be part of that world as well as this”

Now one can wonder how dosage can be presumed safe if collected by bees. It is said in the book that the bees’ processing, collection and subsequent extraction of alkaloids into the honey brought about just enough of the psychoactive compounds to bring about the necessary experience and not been known to bring about any deaths in its use by its practicing shamans. While this certainly seems kind of like a wild notion, It would make sense to think as though the Great Mother was really directing Her knowledge and wisdom through plant and insect directly to man as shamanic thought would have it. I certainly find it worthy of consideration.

Part of my intention of creating this site was to show how far reaching the psychoactive tropane-based nightshade plants actually go. And also to put out information to reduce simply thinking of it as only a deliriant and poison. That there is a more secret side of her Spirit and not to hex and harm. There are invaluable spiritual teachings one can learn from Her apprenticeship in a spiritual context.

My personal relationship to this plant is on a spiritual level. I learn from and interact with this Plant Spirit in many ways and on many levels. many times without any kind of ingestion. I hope to eventually align with more experienced herbalists and witches that can teach me more about the methods of extractions, applications, and further my education of these magnificent plants. Perhaps this will be a topic for another day. I am certain of it.

There is a wealth of information out there concerning the Druids and both their interaction with both bees and plants like henbane and other psychoactive nightshade plants. I would bet to say that there is also information on other cultures that have had similar practices and interactions with bees and psychoactive honey similar to the Druids. I have researched a far number of accounts on the Druids and their beliefs and practice. Perhaps I will add some sites of interest at a later time.


Some recent artwork of mine with a nightshade theme based on the tarot card – XIX – The Sun


sources **

Buxton, Simon. The Shamanic Way of the Bee: Ancient Wisdom and Healing     Practices of the Bee Masters. Rochester, VT: Destiny, 2004. Print.

source *

Endredy, James. The Flying Witches of Veracruz: A Shaman’s True Story of Indigenous Witchcraft, Devil’s Weed, and Trance Healing in Aztec Brujeria. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 2011. Print.



Crazy Kieri: Wolves of Good & Evil

Crazy Kieri: Wolves of Good & Evil

Datura, Solandra, and the Wolves of Kieri

In the Sierra Madre of Mexico are the Huichol Indians who have lived and thrived for as many years on their own and unaffected by western influence. Within this culture work shamans and healers alike. There is a story among the Huichol about a mythic battle between a hero Kauyumarie, a good spirit, and Kieri or Crazy Kieri, an evil spirit. There have been reports of Kauyumarie as being associated with the deer and peyote (Laphophora williamsii). And Kieri being associated with the wolf and Datura inoxia or Solandra (Solandra spp.).* Solandra is another tropane-based plant in the Nightshade Family (Solanaceae).

Although there are different versions of Kieri and which plant was the true Kieri, It has been said that Kieri also had two sides. One side being the good spirit aspect under the Solandra, and the evil spirit aspect under Datura inoxia. The Crazy Kieri plants were said to be used only in sorcery and brujeria, to poison and bring delirium and deceit, but this is not always the case.

Solandra maxima as Crazy Kieri
Solandra maxima

As Crazy Kieri has been associated with Datura, there has also been an association with the wolf. In Lightning In My Blood James Endredy tells of a story of being poisoned by a jealous Huichol, Umberto, who blows either Datura inoxia or Solandra into his face and falls into a deep slumber not promised to return. During the few days of being deeply immersed in the world of Datura poisoning, James recalls being eaten by wolves and after his death is born as a wolf. He experiences being a wolf. The experience to James seemed completely vivid and real which is not uncommon for such a poisoning.

Upon awakening, James is surrounded by his Huichol teachers who watch over him as he recovers:

…You’ve been gone for four days; we thought you might not come back. people who are attacked with Kieri usually either die or come back crazy.’

I rolled to the right so that I could see Jose Luis sitting next to me. ‘What’s Kieri?’ I asked.

‘Kieri is the powerful spirit that lives inside a plant with white, funnel-shaped flowers and spiny seed pods. The plant grows in steep, rocky cliffs and is very rare. Evil sorcerers like Umberto’s father sometimes make a powder from it to attack their enemies. It can make a person crazy or even kill.’

I thought about what Jose Luis said , but thinking about the experience I just had with the Kieri, it didn’t really treat me badly, except for the splitting headache I had. I remembered what it was like to live as a wolf, and a smile crossed my face.

‘What are you smiling about?’ Jose Luis asked.

‘I was remembering the dreams I had. I was a wolf, and it was fantastic.’

‘A wolf!’ exclaimed Jose Luis. ‘What color?’

‘Well, first I was a white wolf. She ate me after her mate, the black wolf, killed me. Then I was a black and white wolf- their son.’

A few minutes later, Nichu came with a few of the Jicareros and a couple of elders. One of the elders I had seen briefly once before. She was a large women dressed in a fully embroidered Huichol dress that showed her status as an elder. The elder woman came and knelt beside me, looking into my eyes. ‘Jose Luis tells us you were dreaming of wolves’, she (Marta) said in a strong and melodious voice that told me right away that she was a singing shaman.

I nodded my head yes in response and then added, ‘But the dreams seemed more real than any I’ve ever had. It felt like I was a wolf for many weeks, and I can still remember each day and everything I did and felt.’

‘Marta knows more about the Kieri than anyone else in the Sierra’, Nichu said. ‘She has been watching over you the whole time you were traveling in the land of the Kieri, and she has kept away the wolves.’

‘The vibration of the Kieri is very close to the wolves’ Marta said. ‘In the old days, the users of Kieri were called wolf shamans, as it was said that they could transform into wolves by using the power of the Kieri. Not many shamans use the Kieri anymore, it is not easy to make friends with that spirit, and it is extremely dangerous. We have all been very afraid for you.”

Other writings corroborate this claim saying that Kieri’s role as “an ally of shamans who train to receive their power from wolves (more correctly the wolf-people),“** in describing this specialized, rare form of wolf shamanism among the Huichol. This Datura cult has almost certainly disappeared since it was probably more common when wolves were more prominent in the Sierra Madre, before they were hunted and eradicated due to the loss of cattle in the area.

Datura inoxia as Crazy Kieri
Datura inoxia

There has been much speculation about the true Kieri being either Solandra or Datura, and in some circles, even Brugmansia. While we may never have a definitive answer to this question, it is safe to say Kieri worked through one or many of the tropane-based Nightshade plants. The Crazy Kieri is truly a plant for her Spirit, and the wolf can be a viscous but beautiful creature, deserving respect much like Lady Nightshade…



*Yerba del Diablo: The Enigmatic Datura : John McCloy

**Furst P. “Kieri and the Solanaceae: Nature and Culture in Huichol Mythology.”

Endredy, James. Lightning in My Blood: A Journey into Shamanic Healing & the Supernatural. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 2011. Print.







The Poison Database

The Poison Database

Plant Toxicity and its action on the Body and Mind

So just to let my readers know, I will be creating a database of the poisons of the plant realm. The Poison Database will be a big undertaking so bear with me while I get all this stuff in order. This will not happen overnight there are literally thousands of toxic compounds to cover… But I will get the bulk of it out to you so you can learn about these devious ingredients within the dark world of the poison in plant life. This will be in alphabetical order as it gets created. Bear with me… This will be fun! I promise!


One of the tropane alkaloids found in plants of the nightshade family such as Belladonna, Mandrake, Henbane, Datura, Brugmansia, etc. Atropine has a spot on the World Health Organization’s Model List of Essential Medicines; The most important medications needed in a basic health system. Atropine is an anticholinergic. This blocks the action of acetylcholine which is responsible for a spectrum of functions in the body like muscle coordination, secretion, and the brain’s functioning as asleep or awake. This would make one function in the dream state even while physically awake and experience dreams in the waking reality as hallucination and delirium.

medicinal use: Atropine is used as an antidote for insecticides as well as various types nerve gas poisonings like sarin, VX, and soman. Atropine is used by ophthalmologists as a mydriatic to dilate the pupils. It is used to treat bradycardia (slow heartbeat; less than 60 beats per minute). it is used in reducing secretions (saliva, sweat) and can treat the symptoms of diarrhea. It is used along with scopolamine and hyoscyamine to treat stomach ulcers and other intestinal disease.

Toxicity: Atropine poisoning can cause tachycardia (fast heartbeat), dry mouth, mydriasis (pupil dilation), blurred vision, photophobia (sensitivity to light), dizziness, loss of balance, extreme confusion, tactile hallucinations, and death.

Antidote: physostigmine and pilocarpine


One of the tropane alkaloids found in plants of the nightshade family such as Belladonna, Mandrake, Henbane, Datura, Brugmansia, etc. As an anticholinergic, Hyoscyamine blocks the action of acetylcholine which is responsible for a spectrum of functions in the body like muscle coordination, secretion, and the brain’s functioning as asleep or awake. This would make one function in the dream state even while physically awake and experience dreams in the waking reality as hallucination and delirium.

Medicinal use: Treats various gastrointestinal diseases like peptic ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, pancreatitis, colic and cystitis. It is also used to treat some heart problems, secretions, respiratory problems, some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Hyoscyamine has also shown promise in neuropathic pain in combination with opiates.

Toxicity: Hyoscyamine poisoning can cause arrhythmia, flushing and faintness, dizziness, loss of balance, headache, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, eye pain, blurred vision, extreme confusion, tactile hallucinations, sexual arousal, euphoria, short term memory loss, coma, and death.

Antidote: physostigmine and pilocarpine


One of the tropane alkaloids found in plants of the nightshade family such as Belladonna, Mandrake, Henbane, Datura, Brugmansia, etc. As an anticholinergic, Scopolamine blocks the action of acetylcholine which is responsible for a spectrum of functions in the body like muscle coordination, secretion, and the brain’s functioning as asleep or awake. This would make one function in the dream state even while physically awake and experience dreams in the waking reality as hallucination and delirium. Aside from that the scopolamine is listed in the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines: The most important medications needed in a basic health system. Like Hyoscyamine and atropine, it can have quite the dark side. But then there are smaller dosages that can be extremely kind and healing. Perhaps this was part of the meaning of Kieri, She has a good side and a bad side. Treat her with respect!

Medicinal uses: Scopolamine enjoys a wide variety of medicinal use. Some of these are: Postoperative nausea and vomiting, motion sickness, gastrointestinal spasms, renal or biliary spasms, irritable bowel syndrome, Clozapine induced hyper-salivation (drooling). bowel colic, sometimes used as a premedication to surgery.

Toxicity: Scopolamine can induce tachycardia (fast heartbeat), bradycardia (slow heartbeat), arrhythmia, blurred vision, photophobia (sensitivity to light), dry mouth, mydriasis (dilated pupils), hives/rash, itching, constipation, urinary retention, agitation, restlessness, vivid hallucinations, confusion, dizziness, seizures, anaphylactic shock, shortness of breath, redness of the skin, drowsiness, and death.

Antidote: physostigmine



Deadly Nightshade Artwork by me - Poison Database
The fatal kiss of Belladonna and Datura

Welcome to the Poison Path


The Poison Path: A Botanical Underworld


Deadly Nightshade 001

Welcome to The Poison Path:  A walk through the majestic realm of poisonous plants in a journey through the botanical underworld. The Poison Path is a spiritual brand of shamanism and Herbalism that centers around plants of poison. This carries with it a sense of symbolism that we face poison in all aspects of energy in our life every single waking day. Fundamentally, the key is in how we shape and transmute reality that brings us back into alignment with Self. The implications of this can lead us to healing life or accursed souls. This is the way for those who know how to walk that line. Half in the heavens, half in the void. Shaping with it the quest for knowledge and wisdom.

Currently, this site has its main focus in the realms of the Solanaceae, or Nightshade family – Datura, Deadly Nightshade, Angel’s Trumpet, Henbane, Mandrake, Solandra, Scopolia, Duboisa, etc. Those are the Tropane-containing Nightshades. This site is focusing on the history and interaction with our species. As time goes on I will introduce another page focusing on the shamanism aspects of working with the baneful herbs, But for now I am covering much of the history of the Solanaceae.

I carry my own original Nightshade Ointments for purchase. These are original recipes and can be used for variety of applications and uses. Can be used for all kinds of muscle pain (rheumatism, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, etc.), for astral work/spiritual practices (astral travel, meditation, lucid dreaming, etc.), as a general sedative or anti-anxiety, for help with concentration, or even as potent aphrodisiacs.



Angel’s Trumpet: Brugmansia Ointments


Available now here: Brugmansia Ointments. Made from exotic original Brugmansia species- Brugmansia candida, Brugmansia insignis, Brugmansia versicolor. Available for pre-order and will ship on 12/12/17. Around for a limited time! Get it while it lasts. This is a powerful plant spirit!


Flying Oil #5: Underworld Awakening

The Flying Ointment
Flying Oil #5: Underworld Awakening

Flying Oil #5: Underworld Awakening -this one is milder and better for those sensitive to the alkaloids. This is a blend of Datura stramonium var. tatula, Atropa Belladonna, and the Brugmansia ‘Adora’ hybrid. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS WITHOUT READING THE FOLLOWING POST SO THAT YOU UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT WORKING WITH THESE PLANTS, WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT, AND WHAT THESE PRODUCTS WILL AND WILL NOT DO: Nightshade Plants as Spiritual Aides: In Theory & PracticeOut of stock

 Obsidian Moonshine

Obsidian Moonshine: Veneficium Nightshade Ointment

Obsidian Moonshine: This is the ‘extra strength‘ nightshade ointment and contains a heavy blend of exotic nightshade plants from around the world, all containing the tropane alkaloids in various ratios with secondary metabolites. This is heavy with Datura and Belladonna but has a variety of others like henbane and the rare Solandra. Ingredients: Indian Belladonna (Atropa acuminata), Deadly Nightshade (Atropa belladonna), Caucasica Belladonna (Atropa caucasica), Turkmenistan Belladonna (Atropa komarovii), Angel’s Trumpet hybrid (Brugmansia ‘Adora’), Sacred Datura (Datura discolor), Himalayan Datura (Datura metel), Thorn-apple (Datura stramonium var. tatula), White Henbane (Hyoscyamus albus), Golden Henbane (Hyoscyamus aureus), Golden Chalice Vine (Solandra grandiflora). Back in stock on 12/13/17. Merry Christmas!

Crazy Kieri


Crazy Kieri Ointment

Crazy Kieri: This is an original ointment I produce called Crazy Kieri, after the Huichol Spirit legend of Kieri that inhabits Datura innoxia and Solandra grandiflora plant and is available for a limited time. Wonderful as an astral aide or aphrodisiac. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS WITHOUT READING THE FOLLOWING POST SO THAT YOU UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT WORKING WITH THESE PLANTS, WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT, AND WHAT THESE PRODUCTS WILL AND WILL NOT DO: Nightshade Plants as Spiritual Aides: In Theory & Practice

Ingredients are: Datura innoxia (The Devil’s Weeed), Solandra grandiflora (Cup of Gold, Chalice Vine), Organic Olive/Sunflower Oil, Organic Beesawax

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The definitive History of the Poisonous Nightshade Family

Here below are the Posts I have written on the history of the Nightshade Family. Enjoy them as they are guaranteed to be the most fascinating group of plants you will ever learn of! The macabre of the plant kingdom. The most medicinal plants but yet the most toxic. A tool for love or a tool for hate. A strange paradox…


Nightshade Plants as Spiritual Aides: In Theory & Practice

Valuable Insight into working with these plants, The ins and outs of what they will and will not do for you, to better understand how to approach this plant respectfully as a living energy and not as a drug or quick fix in spiritual endeavors.


Forbidden Fruits & Primitive Pleasures: The Powerful Aphrodisiac Qualities of the Nightshade Family

The powerful aphrodisiac qualities of the nightshade plants have been used for centuries in the pursuit of romance, love, and pleasure- seductive and mysterious…


Flying With the WItches: The Flying Ointment and Astral Travel

A look into the world of astral flight, the flying ointment in past and present times, and the philosophy behind an ancient technology and occult practice.


Tropane Alkaloids in Ancient Practice & Modern Medicine: Hidden Healing and Curative Properties of a Demonized Plant

Tropane alkaloids in Ancient Practice and Modern Medicine. The hidden healing and curative effects of a demonized plant. how they were used then & now.


Scopolamine and Mind Control: Intelligence Agencies and the Search for an All-Subversive Agent

The CIA’s use of scopolamine and tropane alkaloids as a mind-control drug, truth serum, and incapacitating agent. The perfect poison for evil of all seasons



Jimsonweed: A Manson Family Recipe

Tex Watson and other members of the Manson Family used Jimsonweed excessively in the months before the Tate murders. In testimony and in pictures, the evidence is in…



Zombie Parties and Phantom Cigarettes: Strange Phenomena in the Realms of the Unexplained

The strange phenomena among recreational users – phantom cigarettes and imaginary get-togethers under the influence of tropane alkaloids



Sweet Nectar of Lady Nightshade: The Role of Bees and Psychoactive Honey in Shamanism

The role of bees and psychoactive honey as a spiritual tradition of the Druids and its implications for practice today with emphasis on sacredness of bees.



Lucid Nightmare: Tropane Alkaloids & Acetylcholine

Tropane Alkaloids and their effects on acetylcholine in the brain. Vivid tactile hallucinations or a gateway to the Underworld?



Crazy Kieri: Wolves of Good & Evil

The Crazy Kieri is the Huichol evil spirit who works through Solandra and Datura. The wolf shamans used Kieri to bring on Lycanthropy…



Unholy Alliance: Taming The Devil’s Weed

A study of Datura in Theory and Practice from the works of Carlos Castaneda. The question of if it can be utilized as an ally of Power



The Poison Database: Profiling the Poisons

A database of the poisonous compounds of the plant realm… What they do. How they act on the body and how Death can result from toxicity


My rendition of the Nightshade Spirit in the form of the Tower card of the Tarot. The force that flashed into my life like a bolt of lightning