A Garden of Good & Evil

A Garden of Good & Evil

Atropa belladonna garden
Atropa belladonna from the Garden in my bedroom

Step into the Garden of Life and Death. This is the forbidden garden of poisonous plants. This year I have three healthy Deadly Nightshade plants. I started them last summer. I named them Mina, Isobel, and Abbie. Abbie has already started to flower. I am trying to pollinate her so she can produce berries and seeds.

I have recently sown:

Atropa belladonna var. lutea (Yellow Deadly Nightshade). Atropa komarovii (Turkmenistan Belladonna). Mandragora officianarum (Mandrake). Datura ceratocaula. Datura metel. Datura stramonium var. tatula, Datura inoxia. Brugmansia hybrid Mea Culpa X Brilliant Orange.

Starting a Datura garden
A garden of Datura: D. ceratocaula, D. Inoxia, D. metel, D. Stramonium var. tatula

Currently I am growing:

Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger). Thorn-apple (Datura stramonium). Deadly Nightshade (Atropa belladonna).

I even have two plants of the beautiful Gloriosa Lily (Gloriosa superba). The Gloriosa Lily is a climbing vine that puts out flowers that look like fire! They are absolutely beautiful and toxic. A perfect fit for my garden.

For now, I’ll let my new friends get settled in to their new home. They will start to soak up water and sprout. As time passes we will start to see them come up. I am excited to see these new Datura species. Especially D. ceratocaula, she is a rarity.

Brugmansia - A Garden of Good & Evil
My Brugmansia ‘Adora’  Kadyn “the fighter”

Atropa belladonna var. lutea (Yellow Deadly Nightshade). Atropa komarovii (Turkmenistan Belladonna). Mandragora officianarum (Mandrake).

Aside from these I have a beautiful Brugmansia versicolor from last year. She was a cutting. I named her Kadyn. Kadyn means fighter. When I got her in the mail she was barely alive. Most of her leaves had been eaten by bugs. She was was withered and weak.  I will be moving her out to the backyard in summertime to soak up that moist, humid summer atmosphere when the time comes.


I got some new seeds today from Farmer Dodds (on Ebay as: Kykeon-plants) Datura ceratocaula (Tornaloco), Hyoscyamus niger (Henbane), and a gift of Datura discolor. Buying from Farmer Dodds/Kykeon Plants is the best place to go for these plants. For one, He has the best prices and gives you a plentiful amount of seeds. And on top of that, he sends a gift of something else every time. I was looking to get Datura discolor soon but this was my gift bag. Very pleased am I!

Seeds for the Garden of Good & Evil
Seeds from www.kykeonpoppies.com